During the third semester I implemented a survey on the usability of the social network of the nonprofit organization Human Connection together with four other fellow students. It is kind of a social media platform for people who are interested in environment, conserveration and social commitment to give them the possibility to get connected.

For the website we defined different target groups together with the founder and operater. Our target group was "50+". We recruited five participants around that age which were socially engaged and willing to join us in the labs to explore the website for us.

The participants had to do different tasks which were part of the regular utilisation scenarios. These were e.g. the creation of a new account as well as the uploading of new content or the commenting on posts. During the survey the participants were led by a moderator which was also a fellow student. I was sitting in the control room entering the results in the minute together with a second person. A detailled description of the iteration can be found in the pictured extracts of the report (German only).

Due to our privacy policy I'm not allowed to publish the whole report. But as agreed with the university and the sponsor of the study (the operator of the website) I can display some extracts (German only). They show parts of the sociodemographic data of the participants, some problem descriptions that I created and the a result of the VisAWI online questionary that the participants took for us.

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