This is a website I created by using HTML, CSS and PHP during the second semester. Goal of this project was to create a photo database in which photos can be uploaded, displayed and tagged with names of persons and keywords. Customers should be set up as well as licences (limited and unlimited).

In the third semester - during the course Advanced Web Programming - the website was enhancend by JavaScript. The photos should be presented in a slideshow and different UI elements were built in same as drag and drop. A visualization of certain data was also created with D3 (a data key wasn't mandatory and pretty complicated to program with this library so there are only simple numeric values shown). To comply with accessibility standards the website is also functioning with disabled JavaScript.

Some of the functions are only accessible in the admin area which is saved by a password. For safety reasons I will not provide the login data here but I provided some screenshots of the pages.

The whole website can be seen here (only the main menu will be translated in English if the local language is set to it):

To the website

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